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Running your business is hard. You don't have time to waste wrestling with an Excel issue you can't figure out. You've Googled it. You've asked your colleagues. That intern Jeff doesn't know as much about Excel as he led you to believe. Hiring someone who does isn't in your budget.

Relax. SpreadsheetNinjas are here to help. We're a small team of Excel experts who are ready to get things done right now. We take the pain out of fixing your Excel problems.

What we do

SpreadsheetNinjas do two kinds of jobs:

First, we can help with one-off problems and projects that take an expert between 30 minutes and one full day of work.

Second, we help businesses streamline recurring Excel tasks, automating some or all of the process, saving lots of time, aggrivation, and potential for error. Again, we offer this service in time periods ranging from a half hour to a full workday.

SpreadsheetNinjas are experts in a broad range of Excel tasks, including...

  • Complex and powerful formulas like VLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, and SUMIFS
  • Beautiful Excel dashboards
  • Conditional formatting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Dynamic charts
  • Drop-downs and other form-type elements
  • Streamlining recurring Excel tasks to make them faster, easier, and less error-prone

...and much more. Have something else in mind? Send us an e-mail and we'll let you know if we can help.

What does it cost?

We charge by project size. Take your best guess. Don't worry - if you guess too high, we'll credit you the difference.

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Ready to get started? Great! We just need a little information about you and your project to get the ball rolling. Got a question we haven't answered? Feel free to email us.


SpreadsheetNinjas is Greg Kaleka and his band of ninjas.

Greg has over a decade of Excel and VBA experience in the banking, market research, energy, and economics industries.